Cogea was one of the first companies in Italy to deal with audits for Structural Funds and to issue Certification on the soundness of public expenditure to the European Commission.

As from the 1994-99 Structural Fund programming cycle, it has carried out Level I controls (systematic and/or sample checks on operations), Level II controls (analysis of the management system and of control procedures, system risk assessment and subsequent on-site sample checks on operations). As a result of its numerous assignments, over the years Cogea has built up an extensive and proven network of certified public accountants and auditors, present in all Regions.

Cogea has drafted and checked audit trails, extracted samples, conducted on-site checks, drafted certification pursuant to Reg. 2064/97, Reg. 438/01 and Reg. 1828/06 for Regional and Multi-Regional Programmes (ROP - DOCUP (SPD) - MOP Industry), for Operational Programmes (OP Energy - NOP SIL), for Community Initiative Programmes (PIC PMI, Retex, Konver), working for both Ministries and Regions, for assignments entailing total public expenditure (subject to certification) in excess of 14 billion Euros. These assignments have enabled Cogea to build up over the years an extensive and particularly experienced network of collaborators: certified public accountants, auditors and engineers, distributed throughout the Convergence Obj. Regions (and previous Obj. 1 Regions) and in the main regions of the centre and north of the country.

Cogea regularly works alongside leading institutions involved in the implementation of auditing in Italy (Commission's DGs, IGRUE, European Court of Auditors, OLAF).

Since 1994 Cogea has performed Monitoring functions, aimed at checking compliance with co-financing procedures and rules (physical, economic, financial, procedural monitoring) on the part of Beneficiaries of initiatives receiving national and EU public funding.

This activity represents the professional area in which Cogea has its greatest territorial presence, and has been carried out on behalf of Community Initiative Programme Intermediary Bodies (PMI, LEADER I and LEADER II, URBAN) and GGs (Global Grants), Sviluppo Italia (under Law 608/96), ministerial agencies (Istituto Sviluppo Agroalimentare ISA SPA) and regions (Emilia Romagna Region Framework Programme Agreements) and financial institutions.


Cogea is an independent evaluator of the European Commission working on assignments of considerable financial relevance, and above all strategic importance in defining future EU sectoral policies.

Since 1999, Cogea has worked with EC working groups to develop evaluation methods and frameworks in the field of agriculture and local and rural development, studying the effects of intervention policies of considerable socio-economic significance.

Cogea has extensive experience in assessing both national and regional actions and Community policies.

Fisheries and maritime policy

In recent years Cogea has extended its scope of action to the fisheries and maritime policy area, mainly through the provision of support services and studies to the European Commission - DG MARE.

In the area of fisheries, Cogea has undertaken analyses and studies on the operation of the entire chain in this sector within the European Union. This experience led to the design and implementation of EUMOFA, the first Observatory for the fishery and aquaculture products market covering the entire EU territory.

In the sphere of maritime policy, Cogea has promoted the establishment of EUNETMAR, a network of enterprises and organisations from several EU countries, of which it is the lead partner. EUNETMAR has been awarded a framework contract with the European Commission to support the implementation of the EU's integrated maritime policy.

Within this framework, Cogea has focused particularly on the quantitative measurement of so-called Blue Growth potential of Baltic, Mediterranean and Black Sea states, and has helped to draw up and improve macro-regional strategies in the Adriatic-Ionian and Baltic regions and the potential for maritime cooperation in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Finally, Cogea  is at the head of a consortium of enterprises tasked with implementing the EMODnet Human Activities portal. EMODnet is the European marine observation and data network. Cogea's contribution to the network is that of setting up a portal that, through an interactive map, makes it possible for users to view and download harmonised geographic data providing information on 14 sea-related human activities.

Project design & Brokerage

Cogea Ltd covers the following fields of activity, offering a variety of services dedicated to the development and international trade of agricultural commodities, amongst which:

  • Commercial agents for international trade contracting, originating food commodites throughout the world and supplying the consumer markets of the raw material needed
  • Project and Business design for agricultural commodities, their storage, process and shipping, together with full process design and project development.
  • Commercial and contractual agents for the italian domestic market of agricultural products.
  • Consultants for the legal and arbitration framework of international and national contracts for food commodities,
  • Agents for freight chartering and logistical support for import and export needs
  • Procurement agents under contract for the cultivation of special varieties of commodities.


Cogea Ltd activities are fully supported by first class professionals with over 30 years of experience in each field, together with the support of our main office in Rome and a network of partnership around the world.

Studies and research

Cogea conducts studies and research on a wide range of topics: agriculture, fisheries, maritime policy, transport, energy, tourism, etc. Its main clients include primarily European institutions, but also private clients. Depending on the size and characteristics of the study, Cogea works through its consultants or in partnership with some of Europe's leading companies and universities.

Most studies are concerned with the analysis of socio-economic phenomena through the use of various methodologies, including cost-benefit analyses, input-output analyses, econometric models and spatial analyses. 

A number of studies carried out by Cogea and its partners have been of particular relevance in institutional settings in recent years, and have been referenced by specialist press and media and by scientific literature. The study on the competitiveness of European wines, conducted on behalf of the European Commission's DG AGRI in 2014, is a case in point. In 2017 a study conducted for EASME and the European Commission's DG MARE sought to establish a method for collecting and analysing quantitative data on the maritime economy within the European Union. The method adopted was later taken up by the European Commission itself to produce an annual publication entitled Blue Economy Report.

Also, in 2017 Cogea conducted a study on the market potential of marine renewable energies, together with Portuguese company WavEC. The study hypothesised different development scenarios for wave, current and tidal energy. The final section of the study included recommendations for the framework of a fund to support investments in the sector.

Technical assistance

Cogea has been engaged in assisting public agencies with the implementation and governance of Community Programmes since 1981.

Over the years Cogea has gradually structured its activities into three macro-areas:

  • Assistance with the start-up, implementation and governance of Community Programmes, dealing with technical, economic, financial and regulatory aspects, in light of needs identified at a local and sectoral level.
  • Assistance with the implementation of European directives, offering support, training and information to PA structures (central and regional) involved in the planning and rollout of Action Programmes.
  • Assistance with development and cooperation policies through analyses and support for macro-regional strategies (Blue Growth).
  • A "consulting centre" through which Cogea works with its clients on aspects ranging from advice on strategic solutions to the organisational analysis of structures and procedures and management control activities.

Cogea has been engaged in Mainstreaming since 2004, starting from an experience undertaken on behalf of the Ministry of Employment and Social Policies, for the EQUAL initiative.